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A pop-punk band. or it can refer to weed ie growing pot
"Did you pick up the new home grown cd?"

"Dude is that weed home grown"
by Jp February 20, 2003
puerto ricans who think they's black but they sure ain't.....relating to wigger except with the islander look
look at the pigger, he thinks i slashed his tires
by JP March 21, 2005
To inconspicuously pee sideways while walking forward --- usually occurs when a bathroom is not convenient and the group refuses to wait for you.
Steve sly foxed after leaving the party and got away scott free, but Toby peed on a tire and got himself arrested.
by JP February 25, 2005
mix of a twat and a bitch
You worthless twatch! That was my damn bag!
by JP September 14, 2004
One who acts like a punk; a shystee person.
That bamma said he needed gas money but he had a full tank.
by JP May 02, 2003
Mary-Kate and Ashley. Every teenage boy's wet dream. Richest young people in America.
Damn, I wanna bone the Olsen Twins right now.
by JP June 27, 2004
who made up this word
damn blinker killed another one
by JP November 12, 2003

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