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95 definitions by JP

Bastardized form of the word Preteen--used to refer to someone who's being a teenage douchebag.
Man, that girl's acting like such a preen with her boyfriend.
by JP May 08, 2004
Used in conjuntion with the sport of snowboarding. The process by which an unexperienced snowboarder finds himself unable to traverse the slope correctly, and must slide down horizontally, facing down the slope without turning, thus "dorking" the run. This rubs off powder and moguls enjoyed by qualified boarders and skiers.
Look at those two dorking the run.
by JP December 11, 2003
A girl dat looks good and dats a freak as well.
Hey Girl, is you gill?
Hey dat girl gill as hell!
by jp January 26, 2005
1) a total waste of human existence, even more so than any other possible waste of human existence.
2) a lover of the cock
Di? he LOVES the cock!
by JP November 05, 2003
A way to say that you have made a final statement, rather than saying such as "fuck you" or "skippity bop pow", or "it's over, it's a scratch" Right Steve?
"I am not going to mow the lawn. Beam me up!"
by JP January 09, 2004
The mascot for the best school in america, nay, the world, Duke University. Also, their outstanding basketball team is 3-time champions of the NCAA tournament.
Lets go blue devils!
by JP March 19, 2005
another word for the overused slang word "cool"
dude, that party last night was so snow.

Its snow with me if he comes too.
by JP January 09, 2005