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Noun: "amazingly awesome friend who has good taste in movies and music and will sit on your driveway with you and talk at 2/3 oclock in the morning, and who always lets you talk to her even if you dump a boatload of emotional crap that nobody else cares about on her" - Dough Kitty

See also: JP, oaojen
EX: JP hurdles like the wind.
by JP December 19, 2004
Bastardized form of the word Preteen--used to refer to someone who's being a teenage douchebag.
Man, that girl's acting like such a preen with her boyfriend.
by JP May 08, 2004
A girl dat looks good and dats a freak as well.
Hey Girl, is you gill?
Hey dat girl gill as hell!
by jp January 26, 2005
1) a total waste of human existence, even more so than any other possible waste of human existence.
2) a lover of the cock
Di? he LOVES the cock!
by JP November 05, 2003
A way to say that you have made a final statement, rather than saying such as "fuck you" or "skippity bop pow", or "it's over, it's a scratch" Right Steve?
"I am not going to mow the lawn. Beam me up!"
by JP January 09, 2004
another word for the overused slang word "cool"
dude, that party last night was so snow.

Its snow with me if he comes too.
by JP January 09, 2005
A pop-punk band. or it can refer to weed ie growing pot
"Did you pick up the new home grown cd?"

"Dude is that weed home grown"
by Jp February 20, 2003

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