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95 definitions by JP

It comes from the retardedness on the internet.
Talk like a real person...
by jp September 05, 2004
2 5
slang term for cocaine
got any yoda?
by jp November 19, 2003
2 5
an old ugly shitty car
Ken will never get laid driving that loser cruiser!
by JP November 18, 2003
16 19
A religion where you make things out of clay (usually ash trays). This religion is a cover religion used to distract others from ones actual beliefs that may not be main stream (I.E. Wicca.) This is particularly useful during conversations with in-laws and other large groups of intolerant people.
No, I am into claytheism.
by JP December 03, 2002
5 8
To say something is good
This pizza is the damnshit
by JP January 20, 2005
4 8
this word is what u yell when u are lost in the woods or in distress. it is a drunken call to ur friends for help.
(person 1 yelling) yooo where are u guys at man???
(person 2 responds with) Baba Ganoosh!!!
(person 1) baba Ganoosh!!!
by JP January 14, 2005
28 32
Bastardized form of the word Preteen--used to refer to someone who's being a teenage douchebag.
Man, that girl's acting like such a preen with her boyfriend.
by JP May 08, 2004
13 18