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95 definitions by JP

It comes from the retardedness on the internet.
Talk like a real person...
by jp September 05, 2004
slang term for cocaine
got any yoda?
by jp November 19, 2003
an old ugly shitty car
Ken will never get laid driving that loser cruiser!
by JP November 18, 2003
A religion where you make things out of clay (usually ash trays). This religion is a cover religion used to distract others from ones actual beliefs that may not be main stream (I.E. Wicca.) This is particularly useful during conversations with in-laws and other large groups of intolerant people.
No, I am into claytheism.
by JP December 03, 2002
To say something is good
This pizza is the damnshit
by JP January 20, 2005
this word is what u yell when u are lost in the woods or in distress. it is a drunken call to ur friends for help.
(person 1 yelling) yooo where are u guys at man???
(person 2 responds with) Baba Ganoosh!!!
(person 1) baba Ganoosh!!!
by JP January 14, 2005
Noun: "amazingly awesome friend who has good taste in movies and music and will sit on your driveway with you and talk at 2/3 oclock in the morning, and who always lets you talk to her even if you dump a boatload of emotional crap that nobody else cares about on her" - Dough Kitty

See also: JP, oaojen
EX: JP hurdles like the wind.
by JP December 19, 2004