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1.fuck 2. sex 3. intercourse
1. Boof you!
2. Are we gonna boof soon?
3. Lets boof!
by Joy October 07, 2003
Infamous for druggies to be more specific,popular for tweekers and potheads. You know one when you see one because you are one too. Everybody knows everybody if not, they know somebody that you know. Also where everybody is trying to be "emo" or gangster. After all the parties everybody goes to the great taco trucks leo's and for the alumni football jocks 03, rambos.
Pinay filipino girl: So where do you stay at?
Pinoy filipino boyEagle rock.
Pinay: Oh for real? I know some people there.
Pinoy: Like who?
Pinay: My cousin, my bestfriend, her cousin, her cousin's friend, her friends brother, his brothers homeboys...
Pinoy: oh yeah i know them!
by joy January 13, 2005
Sells the worst chinese food ever. Found in mall food courts.
"I'm hungry as hell, let's eat some chinese food"
"ok, but not panda express, they suck"
by Joy March 28, 2005
one word... hot... -drools-
two words... hes mine. ^^ <3
Benji Madden is MINE. xP
by Joy March 01, 2005
The most beautiful man on the planet, who I will marry one day.
Do you Joy, Take the Sting

I DOO!!!
by Joy January 06, 2005

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