524 definitions by JOSH

The only type of Marijuanna any person should smoke!
What kinda bud is that man?....Its some dank ass nug!
by Josh September 07, 2003
There is only one person who once did a short tour with OCG in the band.
by josh September 25, 2003
Tucker Max can think whatever he wants, and do whatever he wants, because he is indeed Jesus. Bow to Tucker and spread his word.
Tucker 3:16 - Thou Shalt Blow me, and pass thine liquor ye old whore!
by Josh November 10, 2003
A piece of furnature that two lovers lay on and make sweet sweet love while all of their other friends are in the other room doing proper things.
Josh and Darlene are back there on the futon doing immoral things.
by Josh March 26, 2003
Anti Christ Devil Child
The band
by Josh January 09, 2004
referring to or the action of sexual activities
im gonna get her dunn
by josh January 17, 2005

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