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One of America's best allies. There is no reason for Americans to bash Canada or Canadians to bash America. God bless Canada and God bless America. May the two wonderful nations live together in harmony.
America: I love you, Canada!!
Canada: I love you too, America!!
by Joe Smith December 04, 2003
The girl next door.

The little honey from your hometown who you first made it to 2nd base with.
From Full Metal Jacket
"your days of fingerbanging ol' Mary Jane Rottencrotch through her pretty pink panties ARE OVER!"
by Joe Smith September 24, 2004
Underwear of the mormon religion. Also known as Garments or simply G's. These Magic underwear give mormons the power of flight, invisibility, x-ray vision and gardening. Don't ask a mormon about his majic underwear or you will be attacked by an army of scary happy plastic robots
Man, good thing I had on my magic underwear, or I would have been killed when that steam-roller rolled over me.
by Joe Smith January 14, 2005
Deloitte is a form of slavery, however there are invisible chains that restrain people. The people who realize their destructive plight are usually the ones to quit or die, by that time it's too late. They are usually physically, mentally or emotionally scarred. Alcohol soon becomes a loving companion.
Joe works at Deloitte for 115 hours a day and although he has a family at home, he choses to go to the bar after work in order to forget the preceeding episode of ill treatment.
by Joe Smith March 30, 2005
An effeminate homosexual male; a fairy.
"Grow a pair of balls you twinkle toes cocksucker."
by Joe Smith September 24, 2004
When a man envies a woman because she has a vagina and he does not. Similar to penis envy.
Man, I have some serious vagina envy.
by Joe Smith December 03, 2003
songs that are made by my african brothers
Songs that encompass the african heritage along with some bass noise. An example would be Milkshake, Jay-Z, Tupac, Nelly, etc. etc. As you can see these "beats" are part of normal society
by Joe Smith February 09, 2004
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