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1. A cigerette which is hand rolled using rizla, tobacco and a roach, also known as a roll up.

2. Rogger Oli (he loves roggers)
"Roll me a rogger pussy!"

"Get Rogger aat"
by JO!? July 30, 2008
1. Wasteman, derkhead, eediaat
2. Dretlin, bredrin, tretch
"Oi tretch man!"
"Safe tretch"
by JO!? July 30, 2008
1. A mate, bredrin, brother, friend, family etc
"Easy Dretlin!?"
by JO!? July 30, 2008
1. What partially blind people wear on their face to improve their eye sight, also known as glasses or jars.
"I need to get bints on"

"Gimme your bints!"
by JO!? July 30, 2008
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