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Any person of Irish descent that is incredibly slow in their actions and speech. AS slow as they may be however, they are incredibly witty and make great allies yet terrible foes.

-Note- not to be associated with Eagan, which is nothing special
That dude must be an Egan, everything about his screams it.
by JNegs August 27, 2007
Any creamy, white, food sauce that gets spilled in the crotch region leaving suspicious stains. Is usually accompanied by a foul smell.
Yo man, how can i leave a good first impression with this seviche spuk on me?
by JNegs August 27, 2007
A nasty food-sauce liquid that can easily turn into spuk if not handled properly
Dammit, this seviche went spuk on me.
by JNegs August 27, 2007

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