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A word for money. Term coined by the 'Goons' Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe and used in scripts for the 'Goon Show'

As in..
Gold Splonders. can be used (humerously) for pounds or quid.

Prince John: The reward will be, ah um, a hundred gold splonders.

Sheriff: One hundred gold splonders! Hahaha!

ORCHESTRA: Dramatic link

(?)Grams(?): General Crowd Noises

Jim Spriggs: Ding-dong! Clang! Clang-ding-dong-dang-dang! Here ye! Ding-dang! Stolen - one bell! Hear ye...silence, good people of Nottingham! A proclamation from the sheriff - he sends you Christmas and Xmas greetings at the same time and he will give one gold splonder for the capture of Robin Hood, dead or alive, or both. Also, there will be an archery-type contest on ye green. A willow wand will be split in thrice and there will be a prize of ~~~ Christmas pudding ... (trails off)

Grytpype: Did ye hear that, Moriarty? Ye golden splonder for ye Robin Hood.
by JMan 2004 August 26, 2004

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