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One white rtraditional fat chick who digs the dark (coal) meat.
That chick won't dig you man, she is a coal hauler.
by JMD December 07, 2004
This is spanish slang for nuts. Huevos. Translates eggs, but slang like we use for nuts. Peanuts or lick my nuts.
I drop my sweaty eggs on your chin.
by JMD December 10, 2004
Another term for remote control
Hey Mac, gimme the hand nigger so I can change the channel!
by JMD January 28, 2005
Heavy set females or males. Especially in the lower quadrants. The thighs are so large that the only space that can be seen through the legs is below the knees. These people are said to have Thighs-Of-Doom. T-O-D or T.O.D. or TOD!
Dude she totally has tod, real bad tod.
by JMD December 07, 2004

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