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Popular exercise often performed by Frat Boys which involves standing in the squat rack for extended periods of time curling pitifully small weights. This activity pisses off serious weight lifters who want to use the squat rack for its intended purpose: squatting.
Last week there was this prettyboy doing frat-curls on my leg day, so I took him out back and shoved a barbell up his ass.
by JMB January 07, 2005
Whitey's evil plan to keep the black man down. See also nazi government.
Yo, the United States Federal Government has a a crazy trip on yo ass.
by JMB November 15, 2003
an expression of dissapointment or supurprise,with out saying fuck. in attempt to be civil.
AFFF! Theres a cop behind you.
AFFF! I can't find my keys...
by jmb February 25, 2005
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