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An extrodinarily large corporation based in Japan, yet relatively unknown in North America. This company sold a variety of products ranging from Cameras and office equipment to photo labs. Recently purchased (or 'merged with' as according to press releases) Minolta Coporation, saving them from insolvency. They are now known as Konica Minolta Holdings.
I almost couldn't get my Minolta camera fixed because of thier financial problems. Thank god they were bought out by Konica.
by JM000 November 08, 2005
A poorly run company that sold a variety of mediocre products ranging from office equipment to cameras and medical equipment. This company was recently bought out by (or 'merged with' according to press releases) with Konica Corporation.
My camera works poorly because it was made by Minolta.
by JM000 November 08, 2005

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