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(1) A person properly described as an aggressive or hostile environmentalist; one who displays misanthropic tendencies in support of "Green" causes, or one who takes their beliefs and practices to an antisocial extreme; (2) One who is mentally unbalanced, cognitively or emotionally, due to environmental factors; an Anagram of "environmentalist"
The favorite habitats of most "mentalenvironists" seem to be the chairs in front of their computers, rather than actually outside with bugs and pests, and plants, and dirt, and so forth.
by JKLC July 07, 2012
Enviroturfing is a specific form of advocacy in support of the "Green" political, organizational, and corporate agenda; which is designed to give bogus environmental science, legislation, or fears undue credibility.

The main goal of enviroturfers is to disguise any mega-fraud as being either necessary, and/or "beneficial for the planet."
The 2009 decision by the United States EPA to classify Carbon Dioxide as a hazardous gas (a 'pollutant'), and therefore subject to bureaucratic controls, was "enviroturfing" at its worst because CO2 emissions occur naturally and there is no known 'excessive' concentration which is harmful, that is possible for Humans to induce.
by JKLC July 03, 2012

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