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4 definitions by JJJJ

n. 1)the tip of a man's penis.
2)a hat made from mpieces of meat.
Lick my meat Helmet

Marylin Manson made a groupie wear a meat helmet as he fucked her.
by jjjj April 22, 2006
To endanger a relationship through thougtless or insensitive behaviour. Usually used in the past tense, after the relationship has in fact ended due to said behaviour.
If I forget the missus's birthday I will really kick the dog.
I can't believe I forgot the missus's birthday. I really kicked the dog this time.
by JJJJ April 24, 2006
what you say when you are feelung weird
i feel like being weird, agloagloaglo.
by jjjj December 03, 2003
n. 1) the anus
2) nickname for a woman who likes to engage in anal sex.
nice brown eye

that girls saving herself for marraige she's a brown eye
by jjjj April 22, 2006