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A Jon Jon Blazing Squad is a "blunt sesh" or a congregation of multiple marijuana loving individuals who are smoking a blunt, it can be used as a noun or a verb.
"Yo man roll up that L we gotta jon jon blazing squad before class"

"Last night when we were childo mildonsking we had a hugeee jon jon blazin squad."
by JJBS March 29, 2010
When a fart slips up the vagina and exits via the lips making a sound. Most common when in the tub or while sitting. Adjustment may help the fart from exiting.

Therefore, only females can fluff. Not JUST another name for farting.

Not a quiff (Vag fart)
Lying in a tub full of water, you fart and then the air comes up the front instead, sliding along = fluff
by jjbs February 03, 2013

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