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A person who treats the medical condition of cluster headaches by using hallucinogenic substances, especially shrooms.
I used to suffer a lot with cluster headaches, but since I became a Cluster Buster I haven't had a single headache.
by JJA December 22, 2004
A rare medical condition causing severe head pain. The "headaches" tend to occur in clusters; One often gets 6-8 attacks per day for a few weeks, but then goes in to remission for several months. They are referred to as "suicide headaches" due to the high suicide rate among sufferers. They are often said to be the worst pain regularly experienced by humans.
My uncle killed himself after suffering for years with cluster headaches.
by JJA December 22, 2004
A series of headaches that occurs with the medical condition Cluster Headaches.
I have had cluster headaches for 10 years, but this CLUSTER is the worst.
by JJA December 22, 2004

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