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The act of anal sex.

I gave Heather a good ass slam last night.
#anal #hump #butt #cornhole #brown eye
by JJ Pride November 10, 2007
A party game that two men take turns playing in a crowded atmosphere. The men pretend to be talking when they spot a girl with a nice, tight butt and the man with his back to her backs towards her until they make contact. He then moves his butt across hers from side to side and maybe even a little up and down motion. While the two men pretend to conversate, the "Rub-ber" will say, "Aw yeah?". He repeats this process, getting louder in volume and frequency to display to his buddy how nice her ass feels. Childish, but a good way to pass time.
Jen must have been oblivious to Mark and I playing "aw yeah" with her. Eiher that or she enjoyed it so much she didn't say anything.
#butt #ass #shitter #vpl #turd cutter
by JJ Pride November 10, 2007
The act of receiving a blow job from a woman until right before climax, the male will grab an object off of the dresser and crack his oral servicer across the head with it. Preferrably, the object will leave a bruise on her head like the markings that Yeltsin had on his forehead. A plastic baseball bat works quite nicely.
Danielle got Boris Yeltsined last night. She didn't quite get the humor of it until I explained the process and that everyone who was anyone was doing it. Got some great photos.
#blow job #head #hummer #cock #oral
by JJ Pride November 10, 2007
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