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One who mindlessly swallows the George W Bush PR machine's message without an iota of critical thought. A derogatory term for Bush supporters due to the fact that he resembles a chimpanzee and that they are usually simpletons. A combination of chimp and simpleton.
No matter what Bush does, the chimpletons will always support him.
by JJ Jameson February 26, 2006
A female who believes that she should receive special treatment from all who come into contact with her. She is a condescending, self-centered, nasty little bitch. She often doesn't have a job and uses her daddy's credit card to purchase services and items far beyond her own income (which is usually zero) would allow.
Check out Kaitlyn in her new Jaguar. That little entitlement princess cursed her daddy out when he gave her a Honda for her birthday, so he traded it in.
by JJ Jameson June 03, 2006
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