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3 definitions by JJ Hard-on

Alternate term for a handjob.
In Stillwater, Oklahoma, they skip the handski and go straight for the mouthski - Officer Slater (Superbad deleted scenes).
by JJ Hard-on December 22, 2007
33 7
Shits and giggles, only in a less offensive way.
Guy 1: Dude, why are you drawing a picture of your balls?
Guy 2: Just for S's and g's.
by JJ Hard-on December 29, 2007
19 4
A thing that is in every truck stop bathroom. Allows the trucker to get a rubber, so he can fuck one of those skanky hookers that hang around truck stops, without the embarrasment of going up to the cashier. Also commonly used by 16 year old boys. The condoms usually cost 75 cents.
Trucker: (Just got done shitting) Looks up at condom machine above the toilet. "Hmm, there done be a lot of skanks hangin out in the parkin lot. Better grab a rubber."
by JJ Hard-on August 30, 2007
19 7