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a basketball player who gets help from the refs
At the end of the game I left because the pistons lost and got called called for a foul on Dwayne wade
by JJ Caez July 04, 2006
Genuine dislike for a person rather than the character he is portraying.
No one wants X-pac Heat
by JJ Caez July 07, 2006
Real Name Eric Wright Jr. A rapper who is also Eazy e's son
Bob:You know that Lil Eazy e is Eazy e's son?
Matt: Really I never knew that
by JJ Caez August 27, 2006
The best show in the world
I want to see Da Ali G show
by JJ Caez August 26, 2006
Piston fan who beat the hell out of Fred Jones during the Pistons/Pacers brawl. AKA Ben Wallace's brother
Fred Jones: I fear the Detroit thug
by JJ Caez July 06, 2006
very underrated wrestler good skills in the ring and on the microphone. Became big in the late 90s getting bigger and bigger (no pun intended) until right to censor came along killing the heat of Val. He later became Sean Morley and Chief Morley but no one gave a rats ass about him so he went back to Val Venis and now jobs to everyone one the roster.
I came to see Val Venis
by JJ Caez August 26, 2006
The worst color commentator in the history of professional wrestling. He trys to get the people watching at home into the match but it is TNA so not one person is. He yells for no reason most of the time and trys to make some half-ass matches look like HBK vs Bret Hart and has the most irritating voice ever. He never stops talking always going on longer then he should.
Don West: Oh my god what a punch by Kevin Nash this is the match of the century oh my god what a great match this is great the best match ever Kevin Nash vs. Jeff Jarrett best match ever oh my god.
by JJ Caez July 10, 2006

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