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When a toothles old lady perfoms oral sex.
Joshs grandma has me cummin for some gummin!
by JJ March 25, 2005
Adjective. Filth, Gashness, Dirty as never seen before. General grime, situations of discomfort due to high levels of mud and/or dirt.

Noun- Jub (Jubs).
That is completely Jubby. Oh God.

What is it? Hash? No, im afraid it is just a bit of jub.
by JJ February 14, 2005
An online greeting: the result of accidentally moving the typing hands, in the correct typing position, over to the right by one key. When this is seen, the typist means, "hello". May also be seen as "gwkki".
Jr''p. ,sm/ Jpe sdtr upi?
by JJ August 17, 2004
penis, skin flute, cock, one eyed trouser snake,
She really could play the slobber blues on my meat horn.
by JJ July 30, 2003
A rotten vigina.
My mom has a fripy
by JJ February 25, 2003
dude who uninvitingly gropes/cops a feel on a unsuspecting girl
"Watch out for Mike, he's a total skizzbucket"
by JJ December 15, 2004
wen u kick someone has hard as you can right in the gooch
i tried to give that fucker a gooch kick but i missed...now he has to shit from a tube.
by JJ January 11, 2004

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