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Jack ass. A donkey of a man. Unemployed loser, milking the social welfare programs.
You focking drobeski!

Why didn't you take out the trash? you drobeski!
by JJ February 02, 2005
characterised by a stupid 'barcode' 'tash, shaved head apart from a fringe, a baseball cap on the very back of the head (the closer the peak is to vertical, the harder they think they are), trackies (usually white or disgustingly flourescent).
A complete lack of intelligence is usually neccessary, as is the pack mentality (usually displayed through large groups standing outside an offlicense crowded round a radio playin 'beats' and swearing at the 'wenkers' who wont get them shwall a.k.a. booze, usually white lightning - dirty dirty cider).
Usually seen riding around belfast on gopeds - those microscooters with a hairdryer engine on the back, or if they are slightly less trampy, in a 'madifeyd' vauxhall nova.
Their favourite activities include hassling people, robbing pensioners, kickin' off on people for no reason apart from 'slabberin', and sniffing glue.
those spides outside the offies well need a beating, glue-sniffin bastards.
by jj July 04, 2004
Method of scoring in rugby. Throughout a significant portion of rugby's history it was worth more than tries. However this has been reduced to 3 in Union and 1 in League.

Taken by kicking the ball between the uprights on the bounce after having been dropped.

Since Jonny Wilkinson's proficiency at taking this kind of kick, there have been calls to reduce the value even further in Union.
NOTE: This was not an issue when Jannie de Beer scored 5 against England in the 1999 world cup.
England have started scoring drop goals!!!
That's not fair, the English aren't allowed to win anything.
by JJ May 29, 2004
Drinkable water.
Mexico does not have any potable water.
by JJ March 16, 2004
a way to describe white people in usually a racist way, mostly used by blacks.
"Damn whitey, gettin' all my niggas down and what not!"
by Jj April 05, 2003
wen you set your shoes on fire and kick someone really hard in the gooch.
that bastard gave me a flaming gooch kick and burnt my prostate.
by JJ January 11, 2004
1.Used when a girl breaks up with a man. Means she wants everything in the relationship (the talking, the feelings, the emotions), but the guy doesn't get the sex.
2. Used by one guy to describe a relationship with a girl. This means he was rejected and didn't get any play.
1. I think we should just be good friends. Means: I want you to be in a relationship with me, but I will be having sexx with other guys and not you.
2. SHe and I are just good freinds. Meeans: I made a pass at her, but I got rejected.
by JJ July 13, 2004

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