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Reggie Roby was an All-American punter at the University of Iowa and the Miami Dolphins. He was so good in fact, that he often outpunted his coverage. Well there are many ugly, dorky looking guys with girlfriends that are way too hot for them. Therefore, they are outpunting their coverage and should be called Reggie Roby.
Check out Reggie Roby over there with the smoking hot girlfriend
by JJ January 06, 2005
The far superior version of rugby, generally much faster and involving far more skill that its counterpart rugby League.

A common myth is that Union players kick too much.

Several players have made a switch to union, realising themselves that its the better version.
wow, i've got all round skills, WTF am i doing in League, time to switch.
by JJ May 29, 2004
to kneel and sit on the balls of your feet.
by jj April 23, 2003
1. Conversating with a girl, usually telling lies, to get her to give you her phone number or to let you beat.
"I went over and spit game to this fine ass girl last night."
by JJ March 02, 2005
n. occupation name.
A man who works at home for his family, cleaning, cooking, (rearing children,) etc., esp. one who does not work outside of the home.

This is a back-formation derived from housewife and a blending with husband (no pun here, purely linguistics) The e in the base house- is omitted to make the noun masculine. The new base hous- blends with husband, oh la la...you get a housband.
^^ : "I've always wanta be a housband growing up. You know...a professional stay-at-home-dad!"

-_-: "Ha...I knew it...i always suspect you as a queer boy."
by Jj March 21, 2005
mexican drug lord who possess magical power and consumes endless beer
I always think about my fadam when i am taking a shower.
by JJ January 27, 2004
master of the anus.
i went to seek guidance from the anus master. I travelled 30 days to get to the himalayas. When i approached the anus master, i could feel a tingling in my rectum; i knew it was him. with the clutch of his fist he made me shit a metric shit load. it was truely humbling being in his presence.
by JJ January 11, 2004

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