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A fine girl who loves getting high.
Cass was a pretty Stoned Pixie. Slash tried to buy off her but she was a greedy Pixie.
by JHayes February 12, 2008
A term to describe certain females who play Runescape the Massive Online game. They usually have abnormally high skills(except mining), and rule over an army of green kangaroos.
That Darkwitchy had 500 green kangaroos but wouldn't even share one! She used them to improve her sad mining skill.
by JHayes February 15, 2008
A popular term to describe someone (in Runescape the Massive online game) that enjoys stealing other player's monsters to get them mad.
That Bakseris totally stole my dagganoth!!
by JHayes February 15, 2008
A group of homosexuals who play the Massive Online Game known as Runescape.
Gladz was beaten in every fight because they were so distracted by the sexy blacknights (except they're leader maria)
by JHayes February 15, 2008

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