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The word "lad" is used very differently between the British and Australian.

In Australia, it is used to describe teenagers who wear a nautica, polo or nike white hat, tilted upright revealing the front of their hair with the strap at the back done up tight so it is dangling out the back, a striped polo or nautica shirt with the collar popped and either saucony or nautica trackies or shorts, topped off with nike Tnz which are fresh. Whom travel in packs and harass passers-by.

In Britain it is used to describe a Male younger than 30. However in modern British culture the word generally describes young individuals who are respected by their peers and often if they participate in behaviour that would benefit the group of friends.
"Oh no! there's a youth over there I hope he's not a lad"
"Jay bought us all a beer yesterday, what a lad"
by JH10101010 March 26, 2011

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