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... is the credo of the republican party! The GOP intentionally tells blatant lies and, when caught, responds with their national credo. "This remark was not intended to be a factual statement"
GOP: The world is made up of 98% dead babies!
Person With Brains: That is just not even close to being true!
GOP: Well... That remark was not intended to be a factual statement.
PWB: Then why did you say it?
GOP: We never expected to get caught!
PWB: Then it is a blatant lie!
GOP: Sure, if you look at it that way. We conservatives don't see things that way.
PWB: Um... Yeah... a lie!
#gop #republican #conservative #lie #false #liar #lies
by JGuy The Great! April 13, 2011
... is when you piss into a girls mouth, and then, while she holds the urine in her open mouth you, her, or a third party jerk you off until you cum into the pool of piss she is holding in her awaiting mouth.

Called a float for short, it is named such because it resembles a yellower version of the ice cream floats we all loved as children.

p.s. it is important that the piss be in collected and waiting in her mouth before the semen arrives!

It is preferable that she swallow the float. Waste not want not!
me: You won't believe this, but she let me make a float last night!
friend: No way! I had no idea she was down for making floats!
me: Absolutely! And, she drank it too! She must have been thirsty!
friend: Are you making a float again tonight?
me: Yep, she said she can't get enough!
#piss #pee #urine #mouth #hand job #jerk #wank #cum #semen
by JGuy The Great! February 26, 2011
a strip club
me: What are you doing tonight?
my friend: I'm going to the dollar theater, you coming?
me: Hell yeah
#strip club #gentlemen's club #strip #stripper #club
by JGuy The Great! March 08, 2011
... means, And Then Apple Sued Them! Exclamation points follow the acronym to emphasize the fact that any possible thing that has happened, is happening, or is going to happen will probably be followed by an Apple law suit against any person, company, nation, group, plant, animal, natural resource and/or toddler attempting anything.
me: Hey. Look. A rectangle.
my friend: ATAST!!
me: Wha?
my friend: Oh, you didn't know? Apple doesn't allow other people to make rectangles. Or ____ (fill in the blank with any other thing that has ever been invented).
#atast #apple #sue #law suit #patent #troll
by JGuy The Great! February 16, 2012
... is a phrase stating that you feel something is worth your time and attention. The phrase stems from the concept of the popular television show The Voice, where judges had to turn their chairs around to express an interest in a particular singer.
me: Did you see the new girl?
my friend: I'd turn around for that!
me: Uh... good to know. So... she seems really cool.
my friend: ... (crickets)
me: Ok... So... what do you want to get for lunch. I was thinking about trying the new place on the corner of Baldwick.
my friend: I'd turn around for that!
#i'd #turn #around #for #that #like #attention
by JGuy The Great! July 15, 2011
A yellow float is the combination of sperm and urine. A yellow float is usually then deposited into the mouth of a willing participant. The act is referred to as making a float when the float is prepared in the mouth of the participant.
me: Are you thirsty?
my friend: Why?
me: Because I have a yellow float in the fridge.
my friend: Rock! I would love a yellow float!
me: Cool. Coming right up. ( trying to avoid the obvious pun )
#yellow #float #sperm #cum #urine #pee #piss #mouth
by JGuy The Great! July 14, 2011
... is basically a nickname that you can give to anyone that has a first or last name starting with a J.
me: What did you do today?
my friend: Not much, hung out with JGuy The Great!
me: What do you have planned for tomorrow?
my friend: The same.
#j #guy #great #jguy #nickname
by JGuy The Great! May 04, 2011
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