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NOUN – origin: Urus-Wilmottus

A person who makes you wish you had the Bubonic Plague just so you could DIE and get away from them, but they stick like shit on your shoe. They are loutish and badly mannered. They have a horrible laugh. Passive aggressive types who truly believe that they are awesome. Other Gobes think they are fabulous. They love to PROVE you wrong. You daydream about ways they could get their comeuppance (sigh).
"Why is Debbie so loud and annoying, she is such a Gobe! Can't she just go away?"
by JGro October 14, 2013
to make a poopy;past tense shlooped
Yo Max be right back i gotta take a shloopy.
Yo J, i just shlooped on ur moms pillow.
by JGRO August 18, 2006
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