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Abbreviation for "Actually Pretty Dece". Used when describing something that is surprisingly decent. Found on Facebook under "Actually Pretty Dece"
Broski 1 "Bros did you see that new hottie at school?"
Broski 2 "Ya bro she waved at me lnb."
Broski 3 "She's APD"
#lnb #nbd #hbd #pretty #decent #dece
by JG-LNB September 26, 2010
Abbreviation for "Like nobody's business" which is a idiom meaning very well, very much or very quickly.
Used when doing something Like Nobody's Business.
Boys, I just downed that six pack LNB.
My mom can cook chocolate chip cookies LNB.
#nbd #nobody's business #intense #quick #easily #business
by JG-LNB September 12, 2010
The most efficiently epic way of wishing someone a happy birthday. Hbd standing for "Happy Birthday" and Nbd standing for "No Big Deal", It's devious Rhyme make this phrase special in a unique way..
"oooh that's right it's Phil's birthday today!"
*Goes on facebook*

Dear Phil, Hbd Nbd Buddy!
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#hbd #nbd #lnd #apd #diaf
by JG-LNB November 16, 2010
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