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192 definitions by JESSE

Someone who the police, with their poor grasp of psychology, think is a danger to themselves or others. They will generally yell at someone and if they yell back enough, declare them a 51/50. FUCK THE POLICE.
I was in the hospital and some big angry police guy yelled at me and I yelled back, so they gave me the 51/50.
by Jesse August 20, 2009
Claiming your seat when you get up. Similar to fives, but, lasts longer than 5 minutes.
Just say "Roaches" when getting up out of your seat.

Or when you enter a room, and there's a seat available, you ask "Has this been roached?"
by Jesse June 09, 2004
A no talent singer who helped Janet Jackson turn the Superbowl XXXVIII half time show into a two pit peep show. Put the XXX in XXXVIII.
The commercials sucked this year, but at least halftime wasn't that bad as when Janet and Justin were on.
See also: pervert
by Jesse February 11, 2005
A dry drunk is a person whose brain was affected by years of alcohol abuse, despite the fact that the person had quit alcohol. Usually is a result of a person who went cold turkey. The brain usually shrinks

A dry drunk usually exibits the following traits,
* Exaggerated self-importance and pomposity
* Grandiose behavior
* A rigid, judgmental outlook
* Impatience
* Childish behavior
* Irresponsible behavior
* Irrational rationalization
* Projection
* Overreaction
Many consider George W. Bush to be a dry drunk, and point to observations of his speeches and other behaviors as evidence of this condition.
by Jesse February 21, 2005
The world is as small as a marijuana nug. Someone or something out there is smoking us in a pipe right now. When it lights it up for a toke, well where the hell do you think all the wild fires come from, and whenever he gets to a hippy bomb, well one word (TSUNAMI). Now onto the nazi part. See at the time the world was one strain of weed, and the nazi party was a stronger more potent strain of weed. So when he hit the shit the stronger strain took over, and that is where the nazi party came about. The third reich was the last toke of the pipe. Just like the nazi's it was working out so well and then just ended. So did the bowl.

The Third Reich is the last toke of the bowl, blunt, doobie, or joint.
Hey man I get the Third Reich this time.
by Jesse March 19, 2005
fuck yall... d town (DETROIT MICHIGAN) where the real hustlas at.
8 mile in detroit fo sho baby
by jesse November 09, 2004
An advertisement that pops up on your computer screen when you least expect it.
This pop-up stopper is a joke!
by Jesse August 11, 2003