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A girl that really wants you that you're not into, thus causing her to want you more, but instead of rejecting her you keep her around so other girls can see that you're popular & in demand
A male version of the girl who plays a nice guy into being "just friends" so she can talk to him about her other relationships... she is taking advantage of him for the advice, a guy takes advantage of the have-around girl for popularity
by JERZZeee October 26, 2010
A guy who really wants you who you keep around to give you rides & buy you stuff but you don't legitimately put out to
Jess is totally keeping Dave around as a toyfriend, he drives her everywhere but there's no way she's letting him hit that
by JERZZeee December 19, 2010
you & your ppl are in the car blasting & moving to the music when u pull up next to a car full of chillers, both crews look @ each other, roll down their windows & start breaking it down
Yo we were on Flatbush ave when some dudes in a camry pulled up next to us & we were road-raving with them until the light changed - Road-Rave
by JERZZeee December 19, 2010

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