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19 definitions by JDub

When you going to stomp out some dudes
with some homees.
In how many cars you have going to the place to meet that are from your side.
"We were rollin 3 cars deep"
by jdub December 11, 2002
a large, uncut, cock
I shoved my trunk in her ass
by Jdub March 08, 2003
to share with someone else, usually smokes.
break bread homee, and pass the light
by jdub December 13, 2002
to walk somewhere
"we gonna mob to the store"
by jdub December 13, 2002
Hard, fearless, chin checcin, bitch slappin, who rolls with a clicc, doesn;t go down easy.
That homee got jumped and still walked home that's gangsta
by jdub December 13, 2002