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The game of foosball taken to the next level: the third dimension. Scoring takes place by placing objects around the table (e.g. on other tables, stools, posts, walls, etc.). These objects are given a "whore" value (e.g. High Class Twins, Midget, Dildo, Super Whore, Asian, Mexican, Trashy etc.).

There are two ways to score:
1) Knocking an item down or landing the ball in the item, gets you a point, and a whore.
2) Putting the ball in the goal, gets you a point. Unless the ball never touches the table after a serve, then it is a point and a Low Class Whore.

Games are played to 5 points. When one player reaches 5 points, you switch sides.

Matches are played until whenever you are too tired or drunk to continue. Whoever has scored the most whores is the winner.

There is no out of bounds, e.g. hitting other people is ok as long as you don't get your ass kicked.

Raping the other player is allowed one a player receives a whore. To rape a player block their shot off the serve. If it goes in for a point against them, you've successfully raped your opponent.
Guy1: I was playing Guy2 in extreme foosball and kicked his ass, two asian whores and a low class to a midget whore
by JDoggieIII August 02, 2011

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