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3 definitions by JDay Fudge

An adjective that describes a person or his actions being retarded.
"Gawd, how did your dad not know what an emo is?! He's tardie."
by JDay Fudge June 16, 2009
2 2
An adjective describing something cool or interesting. Comes from the word gnarly. Pronounced NAR-LISH-US.
"By golly! Pam, your birdhouse is simply GNARLICIOUS!"
by JDay Fudge June 15, 2009
0 0
A cross between gay and amazing. An adjective. Means weird and/or cool.
"OMG! Did you see that guy's freakish mammoth nose? It was GAYMAZING!"
by JDay Fudge June 15, 2009
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