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A movie from 2002 that was so low budget that they couldn't afford to keep the lights on while the movie was filming because they had dialup and when you have dialup you can't use more than one electronic device at once.
"feardotcomdotcom is one of the greatest low budget B- movies ever"
by JDOTT princess December 14, 2009
What creepy black fathers who see that their son's date is flexible say.
"That girl is limbah!!"
by JDOTT princess December 14, 2009
What the asian girl who wants to marry an american citizen said on the mtv show Parental Control
I'm a hustla I'll do anything to make a lil green" (rubs fingers together in the universal sign for makin' a lil green)
by JDOTT princess December 14, 2009
A high budget porno disguised as a low budget horror movie for people who enjoy nazis that are: necrophiliacs, are rapists, are cheaters on their girlfriends, are photographers of young children, who enjoy being blown by decapitated heads, and like to shoot angry black men at adult bookstores.
Murder Set Pieces is the type of movie that is likely to be accidentally illegally downloaded by princess in boarding schools who quickly realize their mistake of not watching the movie before illegally downloading it.
by JDOTT princess December 16, 2009
What creepy black fathers say when they see their sons date walk in the door.
"That girl is SEXAAYY!!"
by JDOTT princess December 14, 2009

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