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Someone who is very popular online but when not on the computer has or has close to no friends. A prime example are Myspace whores, WoW nerds, and online predators. You would never be able to pick these people from a lineup, but you know their a/s/l, screename, and you know their face....from a picture.
That kid Joe sits alone in school but i heard he has like 50,000 friends on myspace, hes a cy-lebrity.

Tom from myspace is a prime example.
by JCrac September 27, 2007
Please see cy-lebrity for further info
cy-lebrity is a short for cyber-lebrity. Rolls of the tongue better
by JCrac September 27, 2007
1)(adjective) To show coolness of something.
2)(noun)An idiot.
3)(adjective) To mess things up real bad or to "fuck up."
1) Those new shoes are upfuck.
2) Dude your such an upfuck
3) I upfucked that test so bad.
by JCrac December 07, 2006

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