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that which has achieved the highest possible level of indescribable pleasure;

the penultimate of ecstacy;

orgasmic, trancendent deliciousness;

words do not describe how good it is!
"Her performance was better than good! That rare creature attained absolute... scrumtrilescence."

"That meal was the very definition of scrumtrilescence."

"The sound, with full chorus and orchestra, was pure scrumtrilescence."

"The vision of her backside ... scrumtrilescence..."

"In bed she is scrumtrilescence."

"Between her thighs was... scrumtrilescence..."
by JCoop December 09, 2004
alterate. see "scrumtrilicity"

urbanized, slang, abbreviated usage of "scrumtrilicity"
Dat heifer... damn she foine!! She scrumtricity!!!
by JCoop February 13, 2005
the art and/or concept of scrumtrilescence...

"urbanized" scrumtrilescence...

alternate and abbreviate: "scrumtricity"
Damn! She so good, she done attained a new level of scrumtrilicity!
by JCoop February 13, 2005
just SOOOO damn good!

ass-kickin' tastiness!

indescribably delicious, as in food, sex, music...anything too good to put to words
"Dat bitch was so good..., she so foine... she was chock full of scrumtriciousness!!"
by JCoop December 09, 2004

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