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Pronunciation: 'blak-t&r also -"tor
Function: noun
1 : one who is black, african, african american, ect., that acts : DOER
2 a : A black who represents a character in a dramatic production b : a black theatrical performer c : a black who behaves as if acting a part
3 : a black that takes part in any affair
- black·tor·ish /-t&-rish/ adjective
- black·tor·ly /-t&r-lE/ adjective

Also see: blackting
<Samuel L. Jackson is a fine blacktor>
by JC_S August 19, 2006
Main Entry: blackt
Pronunciation: 'blakt
Function: noun
1 a : the doing of a thing by a black, african, african-american, etc.: DEED b : something done voluntarily by a black
2 : the process of doing by a black : BLACKTION <caught in the blackt>
3 : a display of affected behavior : PRETENSE - into the blackt or in on the blackt : into an undertaking or situation as an active participant
<that boy can blackt>
by JC_S August 19, 2006
Main Entry: blackt·ing
Pronunciation: 'blak-ting
Function: noun
: the art or practice of representing a character on a stage or before cameras by a black, african, african-american, etc.
<the blackting in that movie was very good>
by JC_S August 19, 2006

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