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v. To make a false reference in a nerd context, with the expectation that nerds will object to the error and discuss ad infinitum. A specific form of pulling someone's chain.

n. False information purposely told, to cause nerds to react and correct.
1) Did you hear about Colbert's mistake? He claimed Angband was Morgoth's first fortress.
Dude, he was nerdbaiting.

2) That guy's too young to have played Zork at Stanford. He'd be in his forties. Zork was done by the mid-eighties.
I think the writers are seeing how many people they can nerdbait.
by JC Costello October 03, 2007
Someone who seeks out tasty foods that are also sustainable, organic, local, and/or ethical. May include carnivores, vegetarians, and vegans.
As an ethicurean eater, Sandy purchased fresh produce, meat and eggs from her local farmers' market to support local growers who used organic methods. She verified that the ranchers treated their animals humanely before purchasing their products. She bought fresh, organic foods because they have greater flavor.
by JC Costello September 07, 2006
A fat, filthy co-worker who is as worthless as the handicapped turkey on South Park.
Frank: Hey, this user needs help with their laptop.
Gobbles: I can't. I have to get a chicken bone out of my beard.
Frank: You useless Gobbles!
by JC Costello September 07, 2006
Noune. A person whose diet focuses on foods grown and produced nearby, typically 100 miles. See also 100-mile diet.
Robin wanted to be a locavore, so he only bought food that was grown on local farms.
by JC Costello September 07, 2006

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