10 definitions by JBN Gstache

1. To do as a nigger does.

2. Something very dope
1.That guy is saggin' low, he is so niggin

2.Urban dictionary is niggin to the max
by jbn Gstache April 24, 2007
The official headphone of all steezy snowboarders.

If you ride while wearing SkullCandy, you are officialy dope, steezy and dank
I repersent SkullCandy because i am a super dank rider.

by JBN Gstache April 25, 2007
Chilling all day everyday 24/7

Invented by the only B Nappy Dreads
Hey slick...what did you do all summer?

Pshh, (dome slap) I must have been chillin'

Wow, you are one bad ass mofo serial chiller.

by jbn Gstache April 24, 2007

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