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Al Capone was a legendary gangster in the 1920's.

To be Al Capwned, one must be pwned so bad it makes anyone watching bleed from their eyes.

This term is used wrong, a lot.
When President Bush pooped his pants on live tv, then fell in to a porta-potty, Vice President Cheney shouted Al Capwned!

by JBN Gstache April 25, 2007
When one gives two thumbs up.

The ultimate expression of happiness.
DUDE!!! We won the lottery!

Oh, shit flash them double ups!
by jbn Gstache April 25, 2007
When something on Youtube. Google Videos or myspace is so funny it must be put in a bulletin.
This movie of a Preist beating a Rabii down rules!

It's totally bulletin worthy
by jbn gstache May 06, 2007
When someone is incredibly talented at Mario Party. Not just lucky, but has pure, god-like talent.

Also, one who does not pick a woman character. They always lose. Pick a man.

They always win.
Gstache beat me 46 times on Mario Party, he is a Mario Smarty. Fo sho.

I can't believe JBN picked Daisy, he got creamed 46 times; I didn't even have to use my Mario Smarty powers
by JBN Gstache April 25, 2007
1. (Adj) Used to describe a very crappy/weak person, place or thing. It can even describe an idea.

2. (N) Mustard
Do you like the show "The BoonDocks"?

Pshh...That show is weak sauce.
by JBN Gstache April 25, 2007
To be thristy for a delicious treat from 7-11.

This treat is sugar water whitch is then frozen to the perfect frozen-liquid, whitch is great for drinking/eating.
After a long, hot day of urban golf I have a enormous slurpetite.

True dat.
by jbn gstache May 10, 2007
Dyslexia-A learning disability marked by impairment of the ability to tell the defferance between numbers and letters.

When someone on the internet writes words using numbers, therefore mixing them up. Also known as l33t
Cyber dyslexic-d00d wh4t 1S uP! ! t4lk l1k3 a dum8a55! woot

Non-Retard-Shut up, do you have cyber dyslexia? Or do you just have downs?

by jbn gstache May 15, 2007

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