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The scornch is another word for your arse. It is presidented over such words as bunghole, cornhole, butthole, etc. It is also much more interesting. Almost as cool as using the word brown eye.
I gotta jump in the shower and wash my sweaty scornch after our workout!
by JBMX81 January 07, 2011
Taint gnats are similar to the female poon gnats. Theyre equally as annoying, but the only difference is that they prefer not to swarm around the female nether region...these particular little gnats seem to prefer the male-friendly taint. See also Poon Gnats.
As the dog ran by on the hot summer evening, I prayed his taint gnats wouldnt take a pit stop near my sweet tea.
by JBMX81 January 06, 2011

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