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2 definitions by JBCE

It is when a man sits down to pee. Where the piss hits the front bowl and makes as little noise as possible. It is when you go take a piss and don't want to wake anybody up, say abusive dad or wife. Also pee this way to avoid waking up a baby.
I came in so late last night, I didn't want to wake the wife, so I had to stealth peeing technique.
by JBCE August 22, 2007
It is when a man has the squirts or loose stools and needs to use some roll toilet paper like a tampoon to catch or absorb shit. It avoids a man to have shit streaks on his underwear.
Man I need to go to the bathroom to get a manpoon or my girlfriend will think that I shit myself.
by JBCE August 22, 2007