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4 definitions by JB Sweet Daddy Cakes

A response to a question that is completely boss. The person who is asking it knows its an obvi answer and there's no doubt that its happenin'!
"Yo dog, you wanna go hit up some of dem cheap spaghetti ho's?"
"Fo Sho Do!"
by JB Sweet Daddy Cakes March 19, 2010
This word is usually used when one see's a magnificent specimen of the other gender. When one instantly receives a boner from seeing a girl she then would be called a "bybee!"
Kind of like baby, but sounds so much better.
"Was up bybee"s"?"

"How you doing bybee?

"Dayyuumm bybee yo ass is fine as hell!"
by JB Sweet Daddy Cakes March 20, 2010
In other words one may say to someone, "you are a fucking faggot" but when "huckin hoiget" is said at the right time the person who is being called a fag will most likely say "say whaaaaaaaaaa?" When used appropriately this word can own nubs, insulting them so much they will most likely shit their pants.
guy in car: "HEY!"
people on street: "HEEEEEEY!!!"
guy in car: "Shut the fuck up ya huckin hoigets!"

"You know that guy that lives on 187 Main Street?"
"Ya man, he's tots a huckin hoiget!"
by JB Sweet Daddy Cakes March 20, 2010
Add the initials of someone's name in front of it, and there ya go! A perfect, amazing, sexcellent, and scrumtralescent nickname for a mafucka! With a nickname like this you'll be the hip of the hop!
"Yo MJ Sweet Daddy Cakes! Was up boibees?"

"Omg JB Sweet Daddy Cakes, I love it when you call me big poppa!"
by JB Sweet Daddy Cakes March 20, 2010