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NBA all-star weekend
Person 1: Yo, C-Note. Where you gonna b hangin' for black thanksgiving.

Person 2: Tre-Von invited me over to his crib to watch the all-star game and he say you can come ova' too.

Person 1: Sweet. Ill pick up some watermelon flavored vodka fo his punk ass when I cash my check at da liquor sto.
by JB Smoooove February 19, 2011
Used to describe a urban person that only listens to urban music.
Girl 1: Yo, Sha-ney-nay-ray. You herd da new Taylor Swift song? Its aight.

Girl 2: Isnt dat duh young skinny white gurl. Shanefa, now you know I dont be listening to that white people music. Gimme dat Biggie or Tupac.

Girl 1: Guuuurl, you need to stop wit your negro ears and expand your cultural horizon.
by JB Smoooove February 19, 2011

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