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576 definitions by JAmes

Cable television station. Acronym (ironically) stands for "Music TeleVision." The only shows you'll actually find are contrived so-called "reality" shows like Road Rules and Real World where a bunch of overpriveleged 21-year olds sit around their rooms all day and night while exotic locales most of us will never see exist 20 feet outside their doors and bitch about how much they hate wheover's not in the room at that particular moment.
I thought I saw a music video on MTV last night in between episodes of "Real World Beirut" and "Real World Sri Lanka" but it was just a Panteen commerical.
by James October 19, 2003
I have no money
I can't buy you that nice ring, i'm brasic.
by James December 15, 2003
crazy dictator, just like george w. bush.
Kim Jong Il secretly likes George W Bush. Sexually.
by James February 24, 2005
As well as being a car, the Firebird is also a range of guitars made by Gibson in the 1960s. They are typically found in dark natural finish (although others are available) with an instantly recognisable angular body shape similar to the Explorer but much more rounded. Weird lookers but quite popular; their miini-humbucker pickups give off a tone which has the usual sustain but a far more trebly, brittle tone. Artists who have favoured the 'Bird include Cream and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

More well known is the FB's bass equivalent, the Thunderbird, played at some point by just about any big-name rock bassist you care to mention: John Entwistle, Peter Hook, Nikki Sixx, Nicky Wire, etc.
The Firebird V has less modifications than the Firebird VII
by james July 15, 2004
See idiot. Irish pronunciation of 'idiot' sounds like 'ee-jit'.
You are such an egit.
by James July 19, 2003
the man will lay on his back and the woman gets on top riding his fuck stick lke a cowboy
man i had some wild cowboy sex last night
by James June 14, 2006
Urban firing range located in the East Midlands of England. The Chief Constable of Notts this week complained publicly that he is going to have to subcontract some murder investigations because his detectives cannot cope with the workload.
Boss: "We want you to move to Hucknall (north side of Nottingham) to work".
Me: "No thanks. I will stay in Derby as it is safer here".
by James March 16, 2005