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extinct situation in which two individuals with animosity towards each other agree to have a fight without weapons, or friends jumping in
in today's society where everyone is quick to pull a trigger a fair one is both a beautiful and rare occurance in the streets.
by James June 16, 2006
To make better, to fix up,
Pimp my ride, job, house, clothes, phone, hair, etc
by James February 09, 2005
The best music fesitval in the world.
Have you got a ticket for Glastonbury?
by James April 19, 2004
Being cheated out of belongings
I paid too much for the car. I got fleeced.
by James December 04, 2003
When lesbians intertwine their legs and rub pussies together.
The two women lay on the bed in front of me and had an amazing scissor fight
by James March 10, 2003
In America, it was a competatively priced underpowered sports car untill 1988 when they finally introduced an AWD 200hp Turbo Charged engine in America. Sound familiar, doesn't it? That is right, those cars like the WRX's and STI's of today were being produced by toyota more than 10 years ago. In 1990 the body switched, and, these cars were very exclusively produced and only made so toyota could continue in their rally history. Toyota later discontinued these genius car designs in 1993, and restricted the sales only to Japan, and parts of Europe. The Celica All-Trac, or GT4 died in the US.
person 1 : It's a Celica..
person 2 : Cheapo FWD 130 hp?
Person 1 : Celica All-Trac.
person 2 : Oh shit.
by james March 28, 2005
The noise a Person makes when they get their sexual organs trapped in something

the noise a person makes when they get their sexual organs trapped in something.

is it in the dictionary

It could be if your reading in the nude and you close the book too quick

*slams book shut*="jozxyqk"
by James December 20, 2003

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