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Oshawa is a city 30 minutes (in no traffic) east of Toronto, the largest city in Canada.

It is the largest city to the east of Toronto in Ontario with the exception of Ottawa. Oshawa is traditionally conservative and is the typical 'suburb city'.

Teenagers in Oshawa vary in race and grouping depending on High School. It works as follows:

O'Neill Collegiate & Vocational Institute: Very Preppy (dominated by the 'PA' Crowd, 'PA' being Preforming Arts, a special O'Neill program) with small Gangster Cliques overlapping in to the 'Wigger'.

Eastdale Institute: Extremely Gangster with few Preps.

McLaughlin: An equal balance between Preps and Gangster.

Donovan: Very Gangster and very overrun by drugs and sex.

GL Roberts, Central: Unbeliveably Ghetto. If you don't deal drugs, have at least two STDs or carry a gun you are out of place at either of these schools.
Oshawa Teenagers

O'Neill Student: Let's go to choir!
Eastdale: Naw man what'chou talkin' 'bout, foo'?
Donovan: I think he wants to do all the hot choir girls.
GL Roberts: I gave one of them Chlamidiya!
by JASON, YO September 27, 2006

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