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\Crunk\ (kru^ngk), Crunkle \Crun"kle\ (kru^ng"k'l), v. i. Cf. Icel. kr?nka to croak. To cry like a crane. Obs.
``The crane crunketh.'' --Withals (1608).

Your girlfriend was sure crunkin' when I was waxing it from the back.
by James December 14, 2004
37 142
Everyone who works and pays taxes is middle class. There has been no such thing as "working class" since the 1970s with the end of mass labour industries such as coal mining and steel.

The other classes are underclass/scum (long term unemployable) and upper class (too rich to need to work).
Kevin empties bins for the council and his wife Sharon is a school dinner lady. They own their own house, take two foreign holidays per year (sun and skiing) and own two cars. They are middle class who work, not working class.
by James January 02, 2005
54 205
The slave in BDSM
She was beaten up because of her class in BDSM
by James March 10, 2003
158 351
United States Marine Corps


U Suck My Cock
Person 1: Hahah look at that marine. Fucktard!
Marine: USMC
Person 1: What??
Marine: U suck my cock
Person 1: Ok
by James December 28, 2004
62 276
Dank Marijuana.
Where da bud at nigga?
by James April 16, 2004
79 305
Certainly the oldest, and also one of the world's largest pieces of scaffolding.

After 130 years, nobody can remember what it was put up for.
Nice piece of scaffolding. I wonder what it was meant for.
by James May 08, 2005
449 685
anyone who is for real is going to stop bitching about what a stupid manufactured poser avril is because we all know it, you dont have to yell it out at everyone like you were some real "rebellious punk" douchbag and she was hurtin your imiage or soemthign, if you were for real you would stop bitching about it, no one gives a shit
people use the term avril and put her and other fake people down to try and insurethat they are for real
by james August 13, 2004
27 277