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Can refer to beating someone either in a game, contest, or beating them to within an inch of their life.
Let's play Halo this weekend and I will drop some knowledge on you.
by JAK 4B September 21, 2010
Members of SEIU, a union now infamous for it's fraudulent activity and intimidation tactics, who used force in their attempt to help elect Obama as president. They are easy to spot because they always wear purple shirts with SEIU written on them and travel in large groups for intimidation purposes. Studies have shown that most SEIU members tested for borderline mental retardation on most intelligence tests.
Hey, did you go to the town hall meeting?

I was going to, but then I heard the Purple Protesters were there so I decided to stay home.
by JAK 4B September 29, 2010
This occurs when urine and fecal matter are allowed to fester in a toilet bowl until they begin to grow mold. While this phenomenon is rarely found, it can be spotted in poorly maintained convenience store restrooms or other areas where the toilets are almost never cleaned. The sight alone is very disturbing, but the odor is extremely offensive and has been known to induce gagging and/or vomiting. It can be difficult to remove the odor from clothes that have been exposed the stench and most people just throw them away. Other locations where this can be found include vacation homes (if the occupants forget to flush before leaving), abandoned buildings (occupied by gypsies), and frat houses.
I wouldn't go in there, there's doo-doo-tee-tee-mold and it smells like something died in there.
by JAK 4B July 07, 2010

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