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A term used in Fayetteville, NC. By backwoods, inbred looking crackers, whose mommas fucked a latino dood. To describe a high quality strain of MAryJane. This term is only used after excessive use of crack cocaine and alcohol, while trying to sell to teenagers @ 2am at a gas station

Kid 1: "Aye Dawg, Lemme Get A Dime"
Wigger-Tino: "Nigga Aint No Dime Bags, Only Dubs...and its the Ism Dism my niggg"
Kid 2: "Wtf....I Think That Nigga's Hi On Crack"
by J8yk3 January 17, 2009
A convenience store in Fayetteville, NC, known for drug transactions, and really moody Arabs that run the place :)
James: Hey Darryl, wanna go to Yaya and score some blow?
Darryl: Why go to Yaya, we can get it anywhere, ITS FAYETTEVILLE
by J8yk3 October 28, 2007

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